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I'm a computers enthusiast, sports lover, and I love to play guitar and sing.

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2 months has passed. Well, I don’t even remember the last time I touched this blog for sure and I don’t know what to post either.

Oh anyway, I got a new English teacher last week at TBI. He is Duncan, 40 years old and he comes from England, but he lives in Bogor now for about 12 years. He introduced himself through music. He loves music. He said, “don’t judge the book by its cover,” because of his look which is look like a thug. Although it’s a very common phrase but it has a deep meaning for me and maybe you or us. Like songs too, the lyric has a meaning behind the scene though the music doesn’t sounds suitable. Always, we must always look at it positive side, by the meaning of the lyric. Duncan taught me this and my classmates last week for his introduction. It was good.

People age, so does my father. Taylor Swift said, maybe like this, “we are the the victim of growing up”. 2 days ago, my dad hurt his right foot. So for some time I should replace him at his store. Now I feel how tiring and how hot to look after this store. Our parents are getting older day by day, and we shall replace them some day, no matter which way that we’ve been through, at least… make them proud of us. But the best thing about this is when I meet some new people nearby this shop and socialize with them. This is all about how we blend into some community and feel comfortable with them; but don’t forget with the good one, not the bad one.

That’s all, it’s quite random post. :)

Have a nice day everyone!

My new futsal boots! :D

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UEFA Champions League FINAL 2013 Ball

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Hello! Welcome 2013… errr, okay it’s too late. But, I’m not a retard. :p

I’m bored, just bored! I just don’t know why I’ve been so bored lately. Things just get back to normal again and again and again! Aaaaaarrrgggghhhh…

Stay at home - futsal - go to the mall - stay at home - stay at home - stay at home - got nothing else to do

Well, on this third week I’ve been nowhere except to the church. I took a full rest for my legs from futsal this week, I don’t want to get an injury. That’s pain in the ass. So, I spend this week by playing some computer games and watched several unwatched film in my computer. Oh yeah, I watched “Habibie & Ainun” with my mom 2 weeks ago, I almost forgot about it.

By the way, I downloaded a Thai movie called “SuckSeed”. This movie put a great impression for me; especially the casts, storyline, and songs that featured in it. This film tells about friendship, music, and teenage love story. From that movie I got a starstruck with one of the main cast, she is Nattasha Nauljam!


I love to see a girl who sings and plays guitar well like her. <3

Hmmm… Do I miss something?
Okay, I don’t think so. See you again next time! :D

Merry Christmas!
May this Christmas filled with blessings and joy in your life.
God bless you! :D
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This is my second sister’s wedding day!
It has been more than 4 months, but I haven’t post it on my blog. :p

Congratulations and cheers for my sis! :D